A Little Bit About Me

I graduated from East West Massage College in September 2008. In my former life, I worked in the restaurant industry, managed a restaurant, and also worked in human resources. I love people — connecting with them, learning about them, and building relationships.

I have lived all over the country and overseas, but Jackson Hole, WY and Portland, OR are the two places to which I feel a real connection. What I value most about Portland is the sense of community and the abundance of healthy local food — both help people connect to one another and to our environment.

Through our daily lives, many of us have become disconnected from our bodies and internal wisdom. Our bodies know what we need in order to be in an optimal state of health; we just have to learn to listen. Lying on a massage table in a blissful, peaceful state helps facilitate this conversation within the body. As a massage therapist, my work gives me the ability to help people listen to, and reconnect with, their bodies.

I incorporate my own style of energy work in to my massages. I feel that energy helps to center both me and the client during a session. Massage gives the client the opportunity to rediscover a relationship that has wandered and then return it to the fluent language between mind and body. My goal is that even when the massage is finished, the conversation will continue and spill over into new opportunities to converse, slow down, regroup, settle, reconnect and heal.